Since the early 20th century, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation has been used as an effective disinfectant in HVAC, water treatment facilities and hospital environments. Hospital-borne pathogens can be killed or rendered harmless with the use of UV-C in appropriate dosages by effectively disrupting microorganisms’ DNA and RNA while preventing colonization.

Unlike their resilient response to chemical disinfectants, microorganisms are unable to develop UV-C resistance. Widespread use of antibiotics and disinfectants continue to create chemical and drug-resistant “superbugs,” which the CDC lists as a top threat for 2014. The Vioguard solution kills these superbugs and will not create new, resistant microorganisms.

Vioguard’s extensive and proprietary UV-C technology is the only FDA-cleared ultraviolet solution for surface sanitation on the market that requires no human intervention. The keyboards automatically sanitize between uses, killing 99.99% of harmful microorganisms within seconds using green, safe UV-C technology.

The Vioguard keyboard eliminates the need for manual disinfection and the disposal of bio-hazard waste. It seamlessly integrates onto medical carts, workstations or wall-mounted computer systems. They can also be custom-configured.

The robust patent portfolio secures Vioguard’s market footprint with 16 patents and two patents pending. Vioguard technology reduces the viability of new entrants into spaces and provides a runway for a comprehensive product pipeline and continuous research and development initiatives. Patents cover a wide-range of products and use cases including a keyboard/track pad, tablets, pens/pencils, stationary telephones, waste cans and touchscreens among others. European Union patent and International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications are also pending.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Vioguard uses UV-C in the 253.7nm band to disinfect and sanitize the keyboard and track pad surfaces in our system in an average of 90 seconds.

Vioguard Efficacy Measured by Independent Lab

Efficacy Testing of Vioguard Model UVKB-50 R1.1 by Independent, Accredited Laboratory. Vioguard’s Technology has been tested and proven effective to 99.99%

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