Self-Sanitizing UV Keyboard


This item will be released Summer 2017

The first and only self-sanitizing UV keyboard and track pad with FDA clearance.

The Vioguard Self-Sanitizing UV Keyboard uses the germicidal properties of ultraviolet light (UV-C) to automatically disinfect the keyboard and track pad after every use. The system is 99.99% effective in killing harmful microorganisms within seconds, eliminating the need for manual disinfection and disposal of biohazard waste.

Critically, the Vioguard system does not require human intervention.
The sanitization process engages automatically and confirms that the surfaces have been properly sanitized, ensuring consistent and reliable disinfection.

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SKU: UVKB-50 V2.0


Model #: UVKB-50 V2.0
Power input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Status Indicator: Multi-color LED indicates disinfection status
Disinfection Time: 90 seconds (average, based on default UV dosage setting)
PC Interface: Single USB compatible for both keyboard and track pad
Operating system: Compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows (simply plug and play)
Safety: Mechanical and Electrical features to prevent UV exposure
Automated Compliance: Self-Sanitizes after 1, 5 or 10 min. of non-use (user selected)
Input: Full keyboard, numeric keypad and track pad (available in any language)


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